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The Victorian Government today announced support in full or in part for 45 of the 52 recommendations made through the independent Human Rights Charter Review. But the Government deferred a decision on key recommendations that would make it easier to enforce rights.

The Human Rights Law Centre’s Executive Director, Hugh de Kretser welcomed the commitment to better protect Victorians human rights but urged action on the deferred reforms.

On the eve of a case in the Northern Territory Supreme Court challenging the Alcohol Protection Order regime, Aboriginal organisations, doctors and lawyers have united in calling on the Northern Territory Government to rethink harmful alcohol laws that negatively impact Aboriginal people, and to implement evidence-based policies that will have real impact.

With the future of marriage equality in Australia uncertain, same-sex couples in Victoria will now benefit from a raft of changes that improve recognition of their relationships.

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10 Years of Impact: Human Rights Law Centre Dinners 2016

10 Years of Impact: Human Rights Law Centre Dinners 2016

3 June 2016

Thanks to everyone who helped make the 10 Years of Impact: Human Rights Dinners in Melbourne and Sydney such a success. Much fun was had and the events raised over $90,000. Thanks to all who either bid competitively in our fundraising auctions or generously made donations. This support is absolutely critical to our work.


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