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Human rights lawyers have raised concerns that a parliamentary inquiry into charity tax law could be used to lay the groundwork for attempts to stifle important voices in the environmental movement.

The Human Rights Law Centre’s director of advocacy and research, Emily Howie, said given the political context, including hostile statements made by several MPs, she was worried the inquiry would be used as a smokescreen for government attacks on valuable democratic discourse.

“Effective political advocacy and activism may be inconvenient for the government of the day, but it’s vital for our democracy. Based on how this inquiry is shaping up, there’s a real concern that it’s just another attempt to stifle criticism and undermine organisations that hold governments to account,” said Ms Howie.

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A group of leading Australian and international human rights organisations are calling for an overhaul to the way the Australian government campaigns to end the death penalty, today launching a new strategy document: ‘Australian Government and the Death Penalty: A Way Forward’.



Annual Human Rights Dinner – Sydney Tickets still available

Annual Human Rights Dinner – Sydney Tickets still available

5 June 2015

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