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A significant judgment today restored some balance to equal opportunity laws but has sparked calls for reform to limit discrimination by religious groups.

The Supreme Court of Victoria has upheld a VCAT decision that Christian Youth Camps (CYC) unlawfully discriminated against a group of same sex attracted young people by refusing to allow the group to use one of CYC’s camps for a weekend retreat.

The request for accommodation was made in June 2007 by Cobaw Community Health Services, an organisation that aims to prevent youth suicide, particularly among same sex-attracted young people. CYC, which was established by the Christian Brethren Trust, refused that request.

The Human Rights Law Centre has released an Information Paper to help individuals and organisations give feedback to the Federal Government on the proposed changes to racial vilification laws. The paper provides an overview of the current law and the proposed changes and also summarises the HRLC’s views on the changes.

Appeals to freedom are essentially calls to prioritise a right to discriminate over fair and equal access to employment, education and services, writes Rachel Ball.



Indonesia’s presidential elections, human rights and Australian foreign policy

Indonesia’s presidential elections, human rights and Australian foreign policy

13 May 2014

Sydney and Melbourne: Join us for panel discussions regarding the Indonesian Presidential Elections featuring our special international guest, Rafendi Djamin, Indonesia’s Representative for the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights.


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