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A Court of Appeal decision today highlights the need for reform to the system of investigating police complaints in Victoria, the Human Rights Law Centre said. The Court found that IBAC must reconsider an alleged serious police assault in February 2009 to determine if it should be independently investigated by the watchdog rather than being investigated by police.

“This decision is an important vindication for Nassir Bare and his six year struggle for justice. However, it exposes broader problems with the way police complaints are investigated in Victoria and underscores the need for reform to IBAC,” said Anna Brown, the HRLC’s Director of Advocacy & Strategic Litigation.

In the lead up to Australia’s review by the UN Human Rights Council, the Australian NGO Coalition has released a series of Fact Sheets and held a briefing event to inform UN member states about the human rights situation in Australia.

The Citizenship Bill currently before the Australian Parliament is badly flawed and should not be passed, the Human Rights Law Centre said in its submission to the Parliamentary Committee investigating the Bill.

“This Bill contains mechanisms to remove citizenship which are excessive, unreasonable and which lack proper safeguards. The Bill, if passed would likely facilitate the arbitrary removal of citizenship in breach of international law,” said the HRLC’s Executive Director, Hugh de Kretser.

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Manus Event: Inside Australia’s Pacific Non-Solution

Manus Event: Inside Australia’s Pacific Non-Solution

4 August 2015

The HRLC's Daniel Webb and Human Rights Watch’s Elaine Pearson recently returned from Manus Island, PNG where they investigated the continued detention and lack of processing two years on from the launch of the PNG Resettlement Agreement. Hear first hand what they witnessed at this event.


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