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The Victorian Parliament has passed a new law to protect the privacy, safety and dignity of women accessing reproductive health services.

The HRLC’s Director of Advocacy and Research, Emily Howie, welcomed the Public Health and Wellbeing (Safe Access Zones) Act 2015 as a critically important new law that recognizes the importance of women's rights.

“We are delighted that women will no longer have to run the gauntlet of intimidation and abuse just to see their doctor,” said Ms Howie.

The coronial inquest into Ms Dhu’s tragic death in police custody has heard that Ms Dhu was in a violent relationship with her partner, Dion Ruffin, at the time of her arrest. Mr Ruffin was taken into custody together with Ms Dhu and was known to police as someone with a violent criminal history.

A new and exciting opportunity has arisen for a lawyer to work as part of our Indigenous Rights Unit. This position will work alongside the Unit’s Director and Senior Lawyer and will play a vital role in contributing to all aspects of the Unit’s work. This position will be based in Melbourne.

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Global ambitions, domestic pitfalls – can Australia lead on human rights?

Global ambitions, domestic pitfalls – can Australia lead on human rights?

27 October 2015

Join us for a panel discussion in Melbourne about Australia's foreign policy ambitions and failures with Tim Costello, Andrew Hudson and Emily Howie.


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