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Rights groups today welcomed the passage of the Criminal Records Amendment (Historical Homosexual Offences) Bill 2014 through the NSW Parliament. Commenting on the significance of the announcement, NSW GLRL Convenor, Justin Koonin said that members of his community had been waiting a very long time for justice.

“This act of Parliament sends a powerful message of support to the community, and recognises that consensual sex between men should never have been criminalised. We hope the Bill will go some way to redressing the harm that these unjust convictions have caused over the years,” said Dr Koonin.

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Last week the High Court heard a challenge to the lawfulness of the Australian Government’s detention of 157 Sri Lankan asylum seekers for almost a month on board a customs vessel.



Tackling crime the smart way

Tackling crime the smart way

11 September 2014

The Human Rights Law Centre, in conjunction with the Wheeler Centre and Smart Justice, will be hosting a panel discussion on ‘Tackling Crime the Smart Way’.


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